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.cy domain name registration rules

Restricted registration

  • ac.cy - Academic and research institutions.
  • net.cy - Internet or Network service providers.
  • gov.cy - Government (as interpreted at the international level)
  • institutions/departments/organisations.
  • org.cy - Not for profit associations or societies which have been registered at the Registrar of Associations and Societies
  • pro.cy - Professional organisations and associations.
  • name.cy - Names of natural persons.
  • ekloges.cy - Organisations or individuals affiliated with elections.
  • tm.cy - Trademarks officially registered at the Registrar of Trademarks.
  • ltd.cy - Private and Public companies with limited liability registered with the Registrar of Companies..
  • biz.cy - Any other business which have been registered with the Registrar of Companies.
  • press.cy - Press related organisations and entities
  • parliament.cy - Cyprus House of Parliament and related entities.

Price List for all .CY Domains

Registration in accordance with general rules

  • com.cy - Public domain.

Each Registrant is required to request registration of its domain name in any of the above subdomains relating to its activities in addition to (if requested) registration in .com.cy.

Rules for Allocation of a License to use the .cy Domain Name

A license to use a Domain Name will only be granted under the following terms and conditions:

It is not already allocated to a third party and an application by a third party for the same Domain Name is not pending; It is understood that a first-come first-served principle applies and preference is given to Registrants who actually carry on business in Cyprus.

It does not contain any obscene words and names incorporating foul language or names that do not comply with the Laws of Cyprus;

It does not relate to politicians or political or historical activities or for which permission is required from a competent Cyprus Authority unless and except such permission is given and proven to us;

It is not generic, sectoral or a fundamental name which identifies a branch, group, activity, professional or business sector. Issuing a License to use such a name could unfairly imply certain or exclusive rights appertaining to it. We will try to ensure that no domain name has an unfair advantage over another Issuing of such a License may only be issued under exceptional circumstances whereby the authority or entity representing the sector or group establishes a name allocation plan which preserves the rights in the names of all parties affected.

Required *

Note: All .cy second level domains are 19.99 + VAT. (i.e. .com.cy, .net.cy).

Please provide Full name and Organization name if "Organization" is selected, additionally attach a scanned copy of the company registration certificate, otherwise only fill Full Name.

Contact details must have local (Cyprus) telephone no# and address.

please select the correct option for you

please check phone format 00357223344

please check phone format 00357223344

The Domain Name shall not be less than 3 characters long

  • The Domain Name shall not be less than 3 characters long
  • Second Level Domain under which the above domain will be registred

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